We have over 20 years experience building relationships within this region. Whether it is from attending exhibitions, liasing with the local governments, financial institutes or industry specific associations. Our extensive relationships have been built with the leading Distributors, Agents, Wholesalers, Dealers, OEM's, Resellers, Traders, Importers etc.... and with each of these companies we have built our relationships with the decision makers such as the General Managers, Technical Directors, Engineers and Purchasing Directors. 

For many years Eastern Europe has been a market that all Western European and American companies have wanted to conquer, however there has always been a problem with selling high quality into this market because of the expensive price tag. This is why Euro Business Connections are here today.
Whether you are a small, medium or large company Euro Business Connections are the key in helping you develop and grow your business into the Central and Eastern European markets.

We have existing relationships with Local Partners and End-Users in your business across Central and Eastern Europe. We will educate these companies of who you are and show them the benefits of buying from you.  Then we will place qualified enquiries on your sales team desk to deal with, ensuring that your time is only being spent with the right people.

However for that to happen you must spend a lot of money on marketing so that you can educate customers about the benefits of buying from you. There are many ways you can show potential new customers who you are however the most popular choices are attending exhibitions, advertising in industry specific magazines or advertising through the internet.However whatever marketing activities you undertake you do them so that you can gain valuable names and addresses for your database so that your sales team can visit these companies, phone them or mail shot your brochures. Unfortunately even though you spend a fortune on these necessary marketing activities there are still no guarantees that customers will buy from you.
This is why Euro Business Connections are a very popular option because we can provide you with the same partners and customers without you even leaving the office

Why is marketing important? 
As you already know, marketing is important for all companies because every year that passes by business becomes much more competitive. To remain a successful company, you must continually educate your new and existing clients of why they should purchase from you and not from your competitors. In order to achieve this, the most popular marketing activities that companies choose are to attend exhibitions, to advertise in industry specific magazines or to advertise on the internet. 

Is your current way of marketing really the most effective way?
If your goal is to continually sustain the growth of your export business year after year, you need to ask yourself: Is attending international exhibitions the most effective way of gaining new business? It is crucial to understand that substantial costs will be involved. You must prepare marketing material suitable for the local language, purchase and dress up your stand, get your products delivered to the location, stay in hotels, and most importantly employ local translators to allow you to communicate at all levels. After all the above expenses including your valuable time out of the office, you still have no guarantees that the correct audience will attend!
How can Euro Business Connections benefit your company? 
We do the hard ground work so you don't have to. We go to exhibitions, our staff speak the languages, and we have built up direct relationships with the leading and relevant local partners looking for suppliers. Therefore; through our relationships we directly introduce your company and products to the market, we educate the market about the benefits of your technology, we conduct a thorough research in order to find the best potential local partner who would have a strong interest in representing you. This way you can be sure that every enquiry we place on your desk is a potential deal. Once the hard work has been done by us, you can then concentrate on the fun part, which is negotiating.font>
What's the outcome working with Euro Business Connections?
With the help of Euro Business Connections, you will achieve a solid growth for your company with more efficiency and less investment. This leaves the opportunity for you to develop other world export markets parallel to your growth within the Eastern European Market.
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